If there is contradictory information on the website in relation to references to continents, countries and territories, and their names and symbols as well, the definitions and concepts adopted by the United Nations shall prevail.

Throughout the website, Tourism Code means the Tourism Code and all applicable international directives and standards.

One. Organizer: Designates GEMA TRAVEL, a tout operator bssed in Cabo Verde.

Two. Buyer: Designates any person booking, ordering and/or purchasing a service proposed by the Organizer, such as providing airline tickets, accommodation, car rental, tourist packages or any other type of service.

Three. Group: Products offered on the GEMA TRAVEL website are intended for individual customers with a maximum of 9 (nine) persons per file. Above 9 (nine) persons, the file is a group and is therefore subject to a special charge and its reservation must be done through the email, or on-line, through the website itself.

Four. Flight:É"Flight" means a simple air service.
In the case of selling air transport tickets or regular transport tickets not accompanied by services connected with such transport, one or more tickets for the entire journey, issued by the carrier and under the responsibility of the carrier, shall be delivered to the Buyer. Full liability as defined by law shall not apply to reservations or sale operations, whether or not carried out on-line, not forming part of a tourist package, as defined in the Tourism Code, relating to air tickets or other regular transport tickets.

Five. Duration of the offer: Proposals to sell trips made through the GEMA TRAVEL website, subject to the present sale conditions, are, in normal conditions, valid while remaining in line until all available seats are exhausted, and may vary in real-time. Offers and prices can be updated at any time by the service providers, regardless of the Organizer's will.

Six. Tourist Packages: In the sale of tourist packages, GEMA TRAVEL intervenes as a travel organizer and is subject to all applicable laws, in particular the laws and regulations applicable in each country or territory where it develops activities, intermittently or regularly:

Six.1 — Tourism trips are those in which at least two of the following services are combined:

     ■Non-subsidiary tourist services for transport and accommodation.

Six.2 — Organized trips are tourist trips which, by previously combining at least two of the following services, are sold or offered for sale at an all-inclusive price, when they exceed twenty-four hours or include a night:

   ■Non-subsidiary tourist services for transport and accommodation, in particular those relating to sports, religious and cultural events, provided that they represent a significant part of the journey.

Six.3 — Tailor-made trips are trips prepared at the request of the customer to satisfy its pretences.

Six.4 — Tourist trips are not considered trips in which the agency merely acts as an intermediary in sales or reservations of services requested by the customer.

Six.5 — The possible separate billing of the various elements of an organized trip does not affect their legal qualification or the application of the respective regime.

Seven. BABY: Designates a minor who, at the time of travel, has not yet completed 2 years of age. When travelling, it does not occupy a place, it is accompanied by an adult person, over 18 years old, paying a variable percentage of the adult fare.

Eight. CHILD: Designates a minor who is more than 2 years and less than 12 years of age on the date of trip, travelling with a person over 18 years of age. During trip, occupy a seat, discounting a variable percentage of the adult fare.

Nine. YOUNG: Designates a minor who on the date of travel is over 12 years of age and has not yet reached 18 years of age. The minor travels without an escort and with assistance in flight, if necessary. The minor travels at a discounted rate in relation to the adult rate.

Ten. Users: Designate the persons or organizations that access the website, whatever the reasons and interests.

Buyer may place an order directly through the GEMA TRAVEL website,, by email to, directly at any physical store of GEMA TRAVEL or with an Authorized Agent.