GEMA TRAVEL intervenes as a travel organizer, designing and marketing tourist packages, and acts as an intermediary between buyers and suppliers in sales of simple services, namely airline tickets, cruises, accommodation, rent-a-car and also in the organization and promotion of events of a tourist nature. These tourist products are likewise marketed through the Internet, providing buyers and consumers in general with competitive prices, simplicity and convenience in planning and making their trips through a simple access to the GEMA TRAVEL website

To use the website, the Buyer expressly accepts full and unreserved adherence to each and every one of the Selling Conditions of GEMA TRAVEL, in the version published and in force at the moment he accesses this website, especially those established on limitation of liability, as well as those of any tourist or travel service provider. Therefore, the Buyer must carefully read the Selling Conditions before using the website, as they may be updated periodically.

Step 1 The Buyer selects the product(s) he wants, indicates the dates, the intended destination, the number of participants according to the category (adults, children, babies) and the flight class (tourist or business), and he can also choose the company in which he wants to travel with. Once these elements are indicated, the Buyer launches the automatic search.

Step 2 GEMA TRAVEL displays the search result.

Step 3 GEMA TRAVEL displays the elements of the selected product (s) and the Buyer adjusts the product (s) to his own needs in terms of flight times, departure and return dates, as well as the corresponding price.

Step 4 In addition to a recapitulation of the selected product, the Buyer who makes the order must indicate his personal coordinates.

Step 5 GEMA TRAVEL presents the order budget corresponding to the sales contract; the Buyer must indicate precisely the data and coordinates of the beneficiaries of the contracted service(s). This data will be used in the issuance of travel tickets, therefore, the Buyer must necessarily know the Selling Conditions, validate an electronic signature and expressly accept the Selling Conditions presented. The Buyer may also specify any special requests he may wish.

Step 6 The Buyer chooses the means and form of payment intended.

Step 7 GEMA TRAVEL sends an acknowledgement of receipt indicating that the reservation is being processed. That acknowledgement of receipt summarizes the essential elements and the file number. GEMA TRAVEL will transmit to the Buyer the order confirmation, summarizing the essential elements (the reserved service, the price, the quantity, the dates of the outward and return journeys, flight schedules, the name of the beneficiary of the service, among other useful information).
The absence of such a document means that the reservation has not been taken into account. In accordance with applicable law, the order and the order confirmation shall be deemed to have been received when the parties to whom they are addressed have access to them.

Step 8 SSL (Secure Page): The Buyer proceeds to pay for his order. The last click materializes the final validation of the sales contract. This acceptance is made in the name and on behalf of all the beneficiaries of the contracted products and services.

Step 9 Once the payment has been confirmed, the corresponding invoice / receipt will be issued and sent to the Buyer electronically or by post mail. The request should be made at the time of ordering for the latter case.

Step 10 Upon formalization of the contract, GEMA TRAVEL will keep the Buyer informed about any and all changes that it may be aware of and that change the conditions at the order date of the product(s) and/or service(s). The absence of any communication from the Organizer means that there is no change or the Organizer is not aware of any change to the basic contractual conditions.
An order is a request whereby the Buyer asks the Organizer to perform the service and as such has no definitive confirmation value. The Organizer informs the Buyer that the order has been well registered so that it can be processed. The file will be considered reserved and confirmed after payment validation.


1.1 When making a purchase, the Buyer is giving his express consent to the sending of the invoice in electronic format by GEMA TRAVEL. The sending will be encrypted form with an appropriate electronic signature, which includes the entire contents of the invoice.

1.2 This service does not imply any additional cost to the Buyer. In case the Buyer wishes to receive a duplicate in paper, it will be sent without cost and can be requested by sending an email to or by post mail to the headquarters of GEMA TRAVEL, whose address can be found on the contact page of this website.

1.3 The Buyer must make sure that he receives an acknowledgement e-mail and to do so he should check his e-mail box regularly. If the Buyer transmits incorrect coordinates in one of the elements of his order or is negligent, no liability can be attributed to GEMA TRAVEL.


The Buyer, expressly and clearly, consents to the transfer of his data collected from the airline to finalize the transaction. This transfer authorization occurs prior to any definite confirmation of the reservation. This data transfer takes place in accordance with the legal provisions in force. The personal data provided by the Buyer for the use of the website is subject to the privacy policy contained in the link "Data Protection" inserted in the homepage of the website.