As part of the purchase of rail services or car rental services, BOX TRAVEL acts as an intermediary between buyers and suppliers, providing buyers with a complete solution for their holiday, leisure and business trips.


1.1 Where rail transport is included in a supply of services, the use of transport tickets shall be subject to the strict conditions of their use indicated in the transport tickets themselves. Changes to itineraries or conditions of use of the transport title must be subject to prior permission of the Organizer. Should any modification occur at Buyer's request or due to force majeure, for events not attributable to either the Organizer or the supplier, the Buyer shall bear any costs or fees that may be incurred.

1.2 The Buyer must inform itself of the rules and regulations of the transporter in matter of transport of baggage.

1.3 Any beneficiary of a reduction in the price of the transport ticket must prove this quality.

1.4 Possession of the transport ticket throughout the journey is a requirement that the Buyer must necessarily satisfy. The buyer must present his transport document whenever requested to do so by any agent of the supplier or by the competent authorities.

1.5 The Buyer is aware that the responsibilities of the transporter are overseen by the international conventions governing rail transport. In addition to international conventions, the applicable national legislation of each country shall be in force, which must necessarily be taken into consideration by the Buyer.


2.1 By providing a car rental service, the Organizer intervenes as an intermediary between the supplier and the Buyer, thus, the Buyer is subject to the rules and regulations of the supplier.

2.2 Upon taking possession of the vehicle, the Buyer must submit to the supplier the respective Voucher, thus avoiding double invoicing. If the Voucher is not presented, the Buyer shall be solely responsible for all expenses resulting there from.


3.1 After confirmation of the payment due by the Buyer, a Voucher is sent to him, who must give it to the supplier upon receipt of the vehicle.

3.2 The Buyer, or whoever acts as the driver of the vehicle, must prove to the supplier that he is legally qualified to do so by presenting its valid driving license.

3.3 Presentation of a Collateral The presentation of a collateral by the Buyer to the supplier, at the time of receipt of the vehicle, is strictly necessary. The amount of the collateral, which is intended to guarantee any damage caused by the Buyer to the supplier, will be refunded at the end of the contract if there is no discharge to be made, and is dependent on the category of the vehicle taken and the additional guarantees subscribed.

BOX TRAVEL can not be held liable for facts that are unrelated to it and that in any way jeopardize, against its will, the effectiveness of initiatives organized and promoted by the company, such as natural disasters, strikes, bad weather, social turmoil, wars, epidemics, attacks, technical incidents, among others, and including situations of force majeure caused by any third party. Nevertheless, the Organizer shall take all necessary preventive measures with a view to minimizing any adverse effects to the Buyer, should such situations arise.