Few Reasons to Take the Stonehenge and Bath Tour

A visit to London should include a trip to Salisbury Plains to witness an ancient wonder dating back to 2,600 BC, evoking a sense of mystery and witchcraft. Additionally, Bath, one of England’s charming cities, is renowned for its Roman baths.

Bath offers diverse attractions, including exploring the ancient baths and engaging museums dedicated to literary icons like Jane Austen and Mary Shelley.

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Reasons to tour the Stonehenge

Surrounding Mysteries

Stonehenge is captivating due to its multitude of mysteries, from legendary tales of transporting giant stones to theories of ancient engineering and recent research hinting at an ancient burial purpose. A must-visit intrigue.

  1. Its Incredible Design

Stonehenge’s impressive design unfolds in three stages: a circular ditch and bank, postholes with a surrounding bank, and the erection of stones, spanning 500 to 1500 BC. Multiple construction theories add intrigue.

  1. An Unusual Feel

Stonehenge offers a unique, mystical experience with its enigmatic aura and ancient history bridging the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Precise stone alignment with solstices challenges primitive tool explanations.

  1. Vivid Explorations

Explore Stonehenge’s Visitor Centre and its 300 exhibits featuring significant archaeological findings, including artifacts integrated into the monument’s construction. Enjoy exclusive special access on a Stonehenge day trip.

  1. Special Exhibits

The Visitor Centre showcases models, artifacts, and multimedia presentations to enhance your understanding of Stonehenge’s significance. A City Wonders Stonehenge tour from London offers expert guidance and countryside surprises.

Things to do at Bath

  1. Roman Baths

Visiting Bath’s Roman Baths is a top attraction, showcasing ancient engineering marvels. Guided walking tours reveal Roman influence and offer insights into the city’s history and preserved 2,000-year-old technology.

  1. Visit Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey, a Gothic masterpiece from 1499 to 1611, stands as a top attraction with stunning stained-glass windows. Visit for £6.50 per person, open daily, and Sunday services available.

  1. Relax at the Bath Spa in Thermae

While you can’t bathe in the Roman baths, Thermea Bath spa offers a delightful alternative. Its rooftop spa with stunning city views is a favourite for relaxation after exploring Bath. Various spa packages available.

  1. Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge, an iconic Bath attraction, built in 1774, spans the river Avon with shops and stalls, akin to Florence’s Ponte Vecchio. Grade I listed and offering scenic riverside strolls.

  1. Visit the Jane Austen Centre

Visit the Jane Austen Centre in Bath to explore her connection with the city, take Regency-era tours, and enjoy interactive experiences. Relish high tea and attend the annual Jane Austen Festival. Online booking available; open daily 10 am to 4:30 pm.

  1. Stroll Royal Victoria Park

Victoria Park, a vast Victorian park near Bath’s centre, offers picnics, walks, and relaxation. With various amenities, it is a top free attraction and a favourite city escape.

Bath, an enchanting city in England, boasts picturesque attractions such as Roman baths, Pulteney Bridge, the Abbey, and the Kennet and Avon Canal.

It offers excellent museums, ample parkland, and proximity to top-notch attractions, making it a must-visit destination in England for any traveller.