Unveiling The Charms Of Chennai- Discovering Fun-Filled Activities And Attractions

The vibrant city of Chennai, located in the coastal region of Tamil Nadu, awaits visitors to explore its exotic beaches and relish Chettinad cuisine. Chennai is a blend of culture, modernity, tradition and happening activities. Hence, there are a plethora of activities one can indulge in during their stay in Chennai. To suffice, a perfect getaway book stays with Treebo Hotels in Chennai. There are numerous options to select from these budget-friendly properties in different city parts. 

Let us begin to explore this beautiful city with these 7 fun things to do

  1. Discovering History and Culture

Chennai is a treasure trove of historical landmarks that present their glorious past. Start your trip by visiting the famous Fort St George, the first British fortress in India: the St Mary’s Church and the Fort Museum house numerous colonial artefacts to marvel at. Witness the iconic Chennai Lighthouse on Marina Beach, the second-longest urban Beach in the world.

Art enthusiasts can visit the Government Museums and the National Art Gallery to taste the Chennai art culture. Some impressive collections of artefacts, sculptures, and paintings provide a glimpse of the rich artistic heritage. For authentic South Indian art and architecture, visit the Dakshina Chitra Museum, slightly away from the main city. 

  1. For a Culinary Adventure

Taste the authentic South Indian cuisine in this city which is a gastronomic paradise. Sample piping hot idlis, crispy dosas, and hot filter coffee to experience the rich taste of Chennai. For more, visit the local Chettinad restaurant to relish the aromatic, hot, spicy Chettinad Cuisine. Kit is a must to try spicy chicken or vegetarian dishes accompanied by fluffy appams and crispy parotta.

Since the city is close to the sea, there are numerous seafood options as well one can try. The village of Kasimedu is a must-visit to taste the many seafood options, such as fresh fish, prawns and crabs.

  1. Shopping on your mind

How can you visit a place and not buy something close to the place and remind yourself of your best vacation? Souvenirs from Chennai include textiles, jewellery and handicrafts. The market area of George Town is perfect for retail therapy. The narrow lanes of this place have vendors selling vibrant articles for tourists to buy.

If you wish to go for trendy shopping, the malls and boutiques at T. Nagar and Nungambakkam are perfect. These places boat some national and international brands selling traditional and contemporary items.

For traditional art and craft shopping, head to Pondy Bazaar, where you may find an array of Kanchipuram Sarees, bronze idols and beautiful jewellery. Do not forget to buy some aromatic spices, unique handicrafts and traditional artwork from the place.

  1. The wilds of Chennai

To get in touch with nature, take a boat ride through the spectacular Pulicat Lake, a haven for migratory birds. You may spot exotic species like flamingos, pelicans and other birds if lucky. The place is known to be a favourite spot for bird watchers. They ate evenings, providing a mesmerizing outlook of the entire region. The Guindy National Park is another place to spot the region’s biodiversity. Explore the verdant, and sprinkle some blackbucks and deer in this region.

  1. Spiritual Side of the City

Visit the beautiful temples of Chennai to know their historical and cultural significance. The city has numerous temples and some unique architecture to marvel at. The Dravidian style is most common in most temples in the country. The KApaleeshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a major attraction during the annual Arubathimoovar Festival. Next, visit the oldest temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, Parthasarathy Temple. Finally, visit the sacred sites dressed in modest clothes to respect the tradition and customs of the region. These temples provide in-depth knowledge of Chennai’s religious heritage.

  1. Groove in the Chennai Style

Visiting tourist attractions is not enough to know a place. To understand it better, watching its culture and tradition from a closer perspective is ideal. The dance performances of the region are a true depiction of the area’s tradition, culture and art. Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest dance forms which is related to Chennai. There are numerous places to see these performances, such as Kalakshetra, Narada Gaba Sabha, Rukmani Arangam or Brahma Gana Sabha. In addition, concerts and dance festivals are organized in these places. Keep an eye on the programs and schedules if you wish to have a first-hand experience e of this dance form’s artistry and cultural richness.

  1. Stroll across beaches

The beaches of Chennai face the mighty Bay of Bengal and provide a beautiful glimpse of the region. Take a stroll at these beaches or indulge in fun activities here. Marina Beach is one of the most famous beaches here, where visitors can indulge in numerous activities or sit back and soak in nature. Elliot’s Beach is known to provide some great eating options. There are several street stalls here and cafes where visitors can taste authentic or international cuisine. Covelong Beach is a must-visit for tourists looking forward to participating in windsurfing, jet skiing or beach volleyball. There are other beaches that visitors can explore, such as Mahabalipuram Beach, VGP Golden Beach or Thiruvanmiyur Beach.

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